Dr Oz and the weight loss benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

TV doctor Mehmet Oz says that the main challenge in making use of green coffee bean extract to help you lose weight isn’t getting it to work, it’s finding the right product and taking it in the right way. Since this remedy has been getting so much attention, there has been a proliferation of products claiming to offer you all the benefits of coffee bean extract. Some are definitely better than others. Here’s what to look for when choosing a supplement:

The extract is taken from raw, unroasted coffee beans, hence the term ‘green coffee bean’. It contains higher levels of a substance called chlorogenic acid than roasted beans, so drinking lots and lots of coffee probably won’t help you to achieve the fat burning effect you’re looking for. Dr Oz explains that chlorogenic acid has been studied and proved to have the effect of lower fat absorption during the digestion of food as well as enhancing the metabolism of fat stored in the body.

A research paper published in the scientific publication, the ‘Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal’ documents a US study in which a group of obese adults lost up to 16% of their body fat within the space of 12 weeks when treated with green coffee bean extract.

A report released in New Orleans during 2013 cited the results of a study that shown the supplement to be effective in the treating of type II Diabetes, a health problem that has been on the increase all over the world. Researcher Joe Vinson (PhD) hailed green coffee bean extract as an improved, simplified and natural remedy that not only helped Diabetes sufferers to regulate their blood sugar levels, but also helped them to lose weight.

Metabolic syndrome is characterised by obesity, high blood pressure and resistance to insulin, all of which make for a dangerous combination for sufferers. If you are a diabetes sufferer and would like to investigate this option, it is vital that you should consult your physician and ensure that your condition is regularly monitored.

A standard green coffee bean extract will contain GCA which consists of chlorogenic acids and antioxidants. This would be the same substance that was researched and proved to have such excellent results in the trials conducted. Concentrations of chlorogenic acid should be no less than 45% according to Dr Oz.

The use of such supplements is a new development and although there has been some research with very favourable outcomes, we still don’t know everything about this product. Dr Oz is the first to admit this, however he maintains that the results of preliminary research are conclusive enough to indicate that this natural medicine is the new wave in weight loss treatments.

Dr Oz attempted a little research of his own using 100 women who were trying to lose weight. 50 women were given the supplement and 50 were given a placebo. After only two weeks it was found that the subjects who were using the supplement had lost twice as much weight as those who had been given the placebo.

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